The ABCs of
Getting Fiber

Blog | March 1, 2021

It’s not uncommon for people to put off taking the step of having ultra-fast fiber connected to their homes. But we promise you that this is one home upgrade project that will be quick and easy to accomplish. Unlike that landscaping project that has been languishing on your To Do list, getting connected will improve your life overnight!

Watch this video for a simple explanation of the connection process.

Here’s what to expect when Atherton Fiber connects your own fiber connection to your home. First, on our signup form, agree that you want a fiber line hooked up. Then, pick the ISP and internet package that’s right for you.

Next, we’ll schedule a visit and meet you at your home to plan the installation – unless we’re already constructing a fiber network in your neighborhood. In that case, we’ll hook you up automatically. We’ll find the best place to bring a fiber connection to your home. For most houses, this is a straightforward process. Sometimes it can be a little more involved, but that’s why we plan! Then we’ll come back and make the connection to the outside of your home. You don’t have to be home.

When we’re done you’ll have your own future proof connection. The ISP you selected handles the rest, like installing your optical terminal and wireless router, and then getting all of your devices online. That’s it! Now you’re part of the next-generation fiber ecosystem.