Getting you connected

Once we provide fiber to your neighborhood, we’ll set up an appointment with an Atherton Fiber technician. They’ll meet you at your address to talk you through the work required to upgrade your place to fiber, depending on your property type.

My property is a (select one):

Single Family Home

If your home is on its own section and you don't share a driveway, your place is most like a single-dwelling unit, or SDU.


If your property is an aparmtnet, retirement home, office block, or multi-use development, it is most like a multi-dwelling unit, or MDU.


Our network is designed to support organizations of all sizes, from small business to large enterprises with multiple locations.

Dedicated Fiber vs. Shared Fiber

The standard ISP offering for the next 5 or so years will be GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network). A GPON is very fast, but it is shared. If you are in the market for a fiber connection with faster speeds, increased security, and complete redundancy then you’ll want a dedicated fiber connection.


Introducing the Personal Fiber License

A personal fiber license is the fastest route to better Internet for you and safer homes for all. It assures your ownership of a dedicated fiber line running from our hub directly to your residence. It guarantees you a private, unshared data connection to use any way you wish. The fiber connection—and license—becomes part of your property and thereby increase your home’s value.

Choose Atherton Fiber. Then pick a provider.

Atherton Fiber provides you with a fiber connection and lets you choose an Internet service provider. Rather than selling you Internet access, we partner with many phone and broadband providers to deliver service to homes and businesses. Once we’ve built our fiber network down your street, you can place an order for a fiber connection with your chosen broadband provider.

Fiber gives you more.

More Speed

Because a faster connection gives you more data more quickly, fiber empowers you to do more in less time.

High Reliability

Even at busy, high-demand hours of the day, fiber provides steady, consistent access and data speeds.

Massive Capacity

With fiber’s dedicated capacity, all users can watch, play, work, and stream at the same time with no loss of quality.

Now you have a better broadband choice.