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We’re here to make
the world spin faster.

Atherton Fiber is a community-driven, open-access fiber optic network that delivers the fastest symmetrical Internet connections. Our network serves our schools, our town and every home in Atherton. Which means Atherton now has choices and next-generation service with unlimited capacity.

Better Broadband? It’s your call.

Our fiber. Your choice.

Atherton Fiber is an open-access data network served by numerous providers. Pick the carrier that offers you the best deal—and switch any time you want.

Stream big.

The incredible speed of fiber will change the way you watch, play, and live.

Work fast.

With speed and reliability, fiber gives your business a competitive advantage.

From Our Blog

The ABCs of Getting Connected

Here’s what to expect when Atherton Fiber installs your own fiber connection to your home. The process is simple and quick.

Why Atherton Fiber?

Massive Capacity

With fiber’s dedicated capacity, every user can watch, listen, play, post, work, and chat all at once—with no loss of quality.

Top Speeds

Faster connections means faster data access, allowing you to do more, work more, and chill more in a shorter space of time.


High Reliability

Tired of fluctuating download speeds? Fiber offers virtually unlimited bandwidth that you won’t have to share with anyone!

How fast is your internet?

With Atherton Fiber you can reach speeds of up to 1GB! Sign up today.

What Our Customers Say

“It’s been over a month since we got signed up and I’ve been pretty pleased so far. The bill is a good amount less than what we were paying Comcast each month and for the first time I can have video calls with work from home without any connection problem.”
– Megan L

“Installers were prompt and professional, and service has been rock solid.”
– Satisfied customer on Nextdoor

“I signed up last month. So far, Atherton Fiber has been fast and reliable. Installation and setup was free. I now have a faster speed at less cost than my previous ISP.”
– Alex K

Oh my… that was amazing. New switch in place and the network is screaming. All in a short amount of time at the holidays. Thanks so much – you all rock!”
– Happy customer via email

Now you have a better broadband choice.