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If you want the fastest internet connection in the world, you want fiber optics.

Fiber’s tremendous bandwidth lets everyone in your house watch, listen, play, post, and chat on multiple devices with no lags, delays, or buffering. But what if fiber was set free to serve you and your community without limits? Because of its unparalleled bandwidth, fiber offers stable, reliable, and fast Internet access, even at the busiest times of day.

Your home needs fiber. Here’s why.

Want to enjoy all of today’s high-resolution, high-quality entertainment, buffer-free with no interruptions? It’s time to connect your TV to fiber, and Atherton Fiber can help. Hook up all your smart devices—TV, phones, printers, appliances, home security systems—and it still provides powerful, high-speed performance.

Next steps for Single Family Home dwellers

If your home is on its own section and you don’t share a driveway, your place is most likely a Single-Dwelling Unit, or SDU. To get started, we’ll set up an appointment with an Atherton Fiber technician, who will meet you at your address to discuss the work required to upgrade your place to fiber, depending on your property type.

Optimizing your residential connection

There are many possible reasons why your internet speed might not be living up to expectations. With a few small changes you can  get back up to speed.

Now you have a better broadband choice.