Ultra-fast fiber is here!

Thank you for welcoming us to your neighborhood.

Atherton Fiber is your local provider for ultra-fast fiber optic internet. You may have noticed our crews installing our high-tech infrastructure on your street. Many of your neighbors are already connected to our network. Why wait any longer to enjoy a more reliable connection and faster connections to entertainment and work?

From economical residential service to ultra-fast professional-grade connections, we’ve got you covered.

• No data caps!

• No contracts, no hidden fees!

• No cancellation, installation or connection fees!

• Get speeds of up to 10Gbps!

Ask us how you can save 50% on your ultra-fast fiber connection.

Call 408-204-0168 to speak with Business Development Manager Ken Forbord about the best options for your property. Or, fill out the form below and we’ll quickly get back to you.