About Us

We’re here to make the world spin faster.

Atherton Fiber is community-driven open access and all fiber optic. ​Atherton Fiber brings 10 Gigabit fiber service to homes, schools, and public servants in Atherton.


Delivering a platform for growth

We aren’t just upgrading copper, we’re installing Fiber from the hub to the home.

Atherton Fiber delivers an industry-leading technology as an open and frictionless platform, with a simple to use system allowing service providers to focus on running and growing their network, instead of managing construction and lease agreements. We build new infrastructure to the most advanced capacity that will be relevant for decades to come.

Our Story

Like many Atherton residents, Mike Farmwald was frustrated with the poor quality of Internet service offered by providers like AT&T and Comcast. The fact that there were no other providers to choose from in his area only made matters worse.

Rather than settle for a substandard Internet experience, in 2015 Farmwald and several neighbors created Atherton Fiber, a public-private collaboration that is delivering a resilient, next-generation fiber network capable of delivering the fastest Internet speeds available.​


Our Values

To provide clear and honest communications, responsive service, and innovative technology.

Our Vision

To fundamentally change how fiber infrastructure is delivered and create a market free of barriers.

Our Mission

To build open infrastructure that gives access to providers and choice to end users.

With Atherton Fiber, tomorrow will be

through future-proof, adaptable fiber

through choices that benefit all

due to smart, shared infrastructure

with transparent, scalable technology

Our Partners

Atherton Fiber is part of the Open5G network, which is working to build cutting-edge fiber networks for localities throughout California and beyond.


Now you have a better broadband choice.