Atherton Fiber Support

We are here to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, help with plan changes, and whatever else you need when it comes to your Atherton Fiber services.

24/7 Technical Support
Phone: 833-673-6546 ext 3
Live Chat: Click the blue Live Chat bubble at the bottom right corner of this page.

Account Activation: Ken Forbord, 408-204-0168
Billing Services: Eri Fukuda
General Inquiries: Crystal-Rose Galvan

Service Updates:
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Troubleshooting Tips

If you are experiencing a connection issue, please reboot your modem and Wi-Fi router.

You can check your connection by bypassing your wifi router and connecting directly to the modem, to see if the issue is with your wifi router.

Please check the speed by plugging directly into the device (Calix, Icotera, Juniper, or FiberStore) that the technician left, rather than checking via wifi.

  1. Find the device the technician left that terminates your fiber-optic connection from the street and make sure all cables are plugged in securely and there is power to the device.

  2. There should be an ethernet cable leading from it to your main house router, which generally feeds the rest of your house your wifi connectivity.

  3. Take the ethernet cable out of the back of the router, and plug into your portable device.

  4. You can go to the speedtest servers, and

Please let us know if there are still connection issues when plugged directly into the device OR if you see a red light on the device. Send all relevant photos including the front of device to show the lights, and the back of the device so we may see the connections and speed test results.

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