Faster PostgreSQL To BigQuery Transfers

Mark Litwintschik writes about how the act of planning out how a fiber-optic network will be deployed across a city has many constraints to consider. The process is capital-intensive so you want the network to archive uptake as soon as possible. My team builds optimal network roll-out plans. This is done by blending over 70 datasets together and weighing their metrics against a number of business goals. Here, we look at the act of planning out how a fiber-optic network will be deployed, and how faster PostgreSQL accelerates Big Query transfers.


Shining Light on the Digital Divide

There are many ways to approach spanning the digital divide, but one of the biggest barriers to doing so is the lack of accurate data. What is less known is that there are two sides to this data. Fabion Kaukor and his colleagues look at various types of data to explore and start a discussion about what should contribute to measuring the digital divide in an open manner.


No Broadband for you! What is 100/20? Broadband Speed Over Time


The FCC has announced that if your ISP proclaims that it can deliver less than the potential new spec of 100Mbps down and 20Mbps up your connection is not broadband. Where and how does this affect the United States? All we have seen so far is the statements. So let’s make a map, that’s something we know how to do!


Seeing the Forest From the Trees

Hexvarium’s CIO Fabion Kauker goes deep on how data processing tools can help fiber network engineers assess how tree canopy frequency will impact construction costs. This is just one data set of hundreds that Hexvarium is examining to build the most detailed US national map of Cost, Revenue and Competition for the broadband market. What if we could identify risks before they happen? And how can we use this to influence where we deploy and when?

The Almanac News

New internet provider comes to Atherton, North Fair Oaks

Frustrated with slow internet speeds, Atherton resident Mike Farmwald took matters into his own hands. So he created a fiber optic network, known as Atherton Fiber, in Atherton and North Fair Oaks.


Data Science Breeds Success in Broadband Rollouts

Hexvarium CEO Gerry Lawlor explains how a successful market entry must be very calculated as to whom and how you validate the investment while also being able to engage the right people with the right message.

News Release, May 18, 2022

Atherton Fiber Debuts: A Different Kind of Internet Service Provider

Local ISP Lures Customers with Faster Broadband, Lower Prices, and Fanatical Customer Service


Atherton Fiber promises symmetrical 10G over California open access FTTH network

Atherton Fiber, a subsidiary of Open 5G, says it is now providing services in Atherton and North Fair Oaks, CA. The company, which operates on an open access network model, has its eyes on surrounding communities as well.


Deploying 5G Around Trees

Mark Litwintschik explains how Open5G has enriched and integrated a global canopy dataset into its decision-making process for rolling out 5G across California.

In his bid to bring connectivity to the greatest number of people possible, Open5G’s CEO Gerry Lawlor says pushing the boundaries with data is critical.

With help from Open5G’s Fabion Kauker, Mark Litwintschik compares latitude and longitude to h3 binning times between PostgreSQL, BigQuery and ClickHouse.